Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rate Lock and construction begins

I forgot to mention. We wound up financing through NVR(Ryans mortgage co) as we got some nice incentives to do so. I can tell you our Underwriter has been fantastic. as a matter of fact, last Monday 04/17, i was able to lock my rate, and they haven't even started construction yet. I thought this was odd, but i wasn't arguing. We were able to lock at 120 days, without paying any points. as a matter of fact we actually got .25 points credit. WOW. I am in the banking industry and I've never heard of that. On top of that we locked at 3.875% for a 30 year fixed. HOLY SMOKES. I love it!

OH Yeah, almost forgot. Got the email today from our PM, Zach, who has been outstanding to this point, they begin construction tomorrow. It's hard to believe at this time tomorrow we will own a hole. NICE!


  1. Wow. I'm surprised you were able to lock in your rate so early. We are also building in Ohio and we were told we can't lock any sooner than 60 days before closing.

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    1. Are you financing through NVR? If so you should call your rep and ask. I was calling mine about something else and he told me they had just gotten out of a meeting a half hour before and they changed their long lock policy. Doesnt hurt to ask.