Sunday, July 1, 2012

If you build it, she will shop..

So after getting the "final approval" we let loose this weekend and pretty much got most of the "essential" items to move in taken care of. We had already purchased our family room furniture, refrigerator, and garage door opener. This weekend we purchased our blinds, ceiling fans, morning room chandelier, floor lamps, office desk, dehumidifier, backup sump pump system, and more. It was fun and relieving to get all that out of the way. Here are some pics of a few things we got:

Zoomed: Style Selections 23"W Brushed Nickel Style Selections 5-Light Chandelier Pendant Light with Faux Crystals Shade
The brushed nickel chandelier for the morning room. Lowes($150)
72" Torchiere floor lamps. We fot 3 of them. they are brushed nickel to go with the rest of the lisght fixtures. ($39.95 each, Home Depot)
Ceiling Fan for master bedroom ($80, Lowes)

Bought 2 of these. For kids bedrooms.($70, Lowes)

White Faux Wood Blind, 2 in. Slats, inside window mount, had to buy A LOT of these. Lol.($32.25 each, Home Depot)
Winix 50 Pint dehumidifier. Has bucket, gravity drain, and a pump drain. Lost of cool features and settings. Many people dont think about Dehum, but in a new house, they are crucial. ($299 - 20% from coupon i got in the mail. Bed, Bath, and Beyond)


  1. Great deal on the blinds! We'll have to check those out. I bet it's such a relief to get everything bought and be ready to move!

  2. We have those blinds in our current house and we LOVE them! They are so much better than wood blinds and a lot more affordable!

  3. Thanks for the reminder... I will need to purchase a backup sump pump and dehumidifier. I didn't even realize that Bed, Bath & Beyond sold dehumidifiers.