Friday, May 18, 2012

I found out I have shingles, and was floored

So stopped by the house today. Gaurdian was there pulling wires. The guy was really cool and we chatted for awhile. We have shingles(they have been done for sometime, just havent gotten around to taking a pic), and the porch, basement floor, and garage floor are all poured and set. Even the furnace is in.
        One thing im a bit annoyed about, and please let me know your thoughts. So when choosing the placement of the hose bibs, the SR talked us into one in the garage as opposed to the front of the house. I loved this idea, as you dont have the faucet sticking out of the front of your house, can leave the hose hooked up and stored in the garage, etc. Well little did I know, and we were never told, that when its in the garage, its literally about 6 inches from the floor of the garage.. I couldn't get a kids sippy cup under it let alone a watering can or anything else. I was there while the plumber was there and asked if you could move it up and he told me no. I think im going to press the PM to have it moved. Sorry I didnt take a pic of it. Next time I am thre I will and will post it. Our pre-drywall meeting is Monday, so I will bring it up to him then.

       Also, while going through the house, I noticed a lot of issues with the wood being chewed up, pretty badly. I saw where the PM went through and marked the bowed wood and other things that needed fixed with his orange paint, however none of it addressed the crappy wood. I will definently be bringing every piece up on Monday.
Here are a few pics, just of the shingles and garage floor.


  1. I'm shocked that your hose bib is so close to the ground. I can't tell you exactly how far off the ground ours is, but I'm sure I would have noticed if it were that low. Hope they are able to get it moved for you!

  2. I'm surprised your hose bib is so low. I guess you could run in to the same problem on the outside of the house based on how your yard is graded. We wanted our hose bib in the garage but out SR talked us out of it. She said if it ever leaked, it would be leaking in our garage. I would definitely ask your PM if it could be moved.

    Did they pour your basement floors after they framed your house?

    1. They did pour the basement floor after the house was framed. seemed odd to me too, but the PM said thats the way they do it. Not sure why. The outside house bib is perfect height, not sure why that one can be higher but the one in the garage cant. we put a drain in the garage floor, so im not worried about leaking. Plus having it in the garage will pose less rick of freezing pipes in these COLD Ohio winter.

    2. We are in Columbus, Ohio! What part are you in?

    3. Woot to OHIO! :-)

      Awesome frame of reference with the sippy cup. I know how high that is!

  3. Can you tell me how the chewed up wood issue went? We were framed today and I noticed the same thing. Like huge chunks that run the length of the studs...I don't like it and want it fixed! Also, who is your PM?