Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love thy neighbor

So I took my parents out to see the framed structure today. As for now, we will only have neighbors on one side and none across the street. So they will be our only neighbors. They were outside today and I was able to meet them. A young couple, and to my best estimate, maybe in their late '20's. They have a new baby, of about 4 months, and a dog. They were extremely nice. This meeting makes me even more anxious for the house to be built. I can't wait until we are able to move in, have the neighbors over and shoot the breeze over a nice bottle or merlot. Just another thing to look forward to that will make it seem like its going to be forever before we are able to move in.


  1. Its great that you got to meet them and they seem nice. Makes the place even better!

  2. Yes, love thy neighbor! It's a good thing! When we first submitted our purchase agreement, we met our neighbors on both sides of us. To the left Lot #29 and to the right Lot#27. I was tickled! The couple to the left of us are in our age range and the couple to the right are in their mid 30s. And one day, when visiting the lot, we met a couple who live across the pond in a Courtland. It was a lot of fun talking and sharing ideas.