Thursday, May 10, 2012

I've been framed!

I can officially say I've been framed. I visited the house today and took the contractors lunch(a platter from Subway). Gotta keep t he ones building your home happy! Well it must have inspired them. When i went back after work, this is what I saw:

Keep in mind that is not where that circle vent goes. it will be moved(its fake anyway)

Kitchen and morning room from garage

Looking in toward the front room, powder room, back room from garage

Garage door to inside

Kitchen and Morning room from gargae


  1. Exciting!! Can't wait until we get to this stage!

  2. I love your titles! That was very nice of you to bring the workers a lunch platter. What is that aluminum wrap around your house for? RH does not use that on the outside of houses in Maryland. We're building an Avalon here:

    1. The wrap is an outside insulatory wrap. It provides additional insulation under the siding, basically instead of keeping the heat or cold in, it helps to keep the outside heat or cold out. I believe it is required for Energy Star certification, at least in Ohio. However, I thought Energy Star was National. I could be wrong about all of that.