Monday, June 4, 2012

Avoir une petite amie

Oh my what a difference one little thing makes. Like siding. I pulled up to the house and much to my suprise the siding and shutters were complete. My PM told me it probably wouldnt be done until Friday, so it was truly a suprise. It almost looks complete. The colors look so good in person. Cant wait until the stone is done(talked to PM and he said should be done tomorrow or Wed.) to get the complete look. One more suprise. The door was unlocked and I found a treasure trove in the garage. Lots of boxes, doors, and countertops. All the cabinets etc were in there. Even our mailbox. NICE.




  1. Christmas in June! I can't wait until we are this far in the process! I can't wait until our brick goes up and it actually "looks" finished! For now, all I have is a hole in the ground. Our framing starts tomorrow.

  2. That does make a big difference. Looking great!