Friday, June 8, 2012

I've been stoned, hung, floored and screwed

Walked through the house with the PM today. They got the kitchen cabinets in, kitchen, foyer, morning room, mud/laundry room, and bathroom floors in. Doors were all hung, and they were putting in the baseboards while we were there. WOW. Still amazed how quick they work. Stone was finished last night too. We went by last night and the stone guys were finishing up. All the doors(and first floor windows for that matter) were locked. We really wanted to get in as I knew they put the floors down. So to our suprise the stone guy used the scaffolding, got on the roog over the front door and climbed into an upstairs window to let us in. nice. I guess buying luch for him paid off again. Here are some pics. Everything looks amok, but its the best I could get as  they were working.

Kitchen, morning room, mud/laundry room, foyer, powder room floors

Upstairs bathroom floors

Went back later with wife(column was put in)


  1. I love the dark color of the floors! They'll look fabulous with your cabinet selection!6

  2. Your stone guy sounds awesome!

  3. Looking great! And how great is that stone guy!?! Love that!

  4. Nice! That must have been a good lunch! :-)

  5. We are just getting started with our Florence, if all goes well we will break ground in July. I really like your flooring, which ones did you select for the bathrooms and kitchen?
    I love reading your blogs, I have started my own to share our experience as well. I would love to hear any other tips you want to share. I just read about the deal you got on the fridge, that is AWESOME...we will be purchasing our fridge as well. Thanks,

    1. The bathroom was called Initiator, and the kitchen was Armstrong Resilliant Canyon Creek collection. Dont remember the exact name. Sorry.