Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Alive...

Ran by at lunch and to my suprise..We have electricity!! We also have appliances(not all installed yet), light fixtures, switches, plugs, thermostats, water heater, and air conditioner. here are some pics, i forget to get one of the dual carraige lights:

I like the brushed nickel look.

Love the programmable thermostat

I think the black appliaces is going to be a nice contrast to the light colors we selected. I plan on putting in a darker backsplash as well.

I like the stove. I do love to cook, and I like gas stoves, but to be honest, I have been cooking on electric for so long, I prefer it now. I know, im in the minority on that.


  1. You are not alone in liking electric stoves. It is what I have always cooked on and I never like being able to smell the gas at my MIL's when she is cooking. We went with black appliances as well as DH does not like stainless. I agree that they will contrast nicely with your counters and cabinets.

  2. Same for me, I got the electric and black appliances.

  3. I like the cute lightening fixtures in the brushed nickel too! They include three on the second level in the foyer/hall.