Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pour me a stiff one of the hard stuff...

Went by the house and noticed something new..... we have a driveway, walkway, and sidewalks. Nice. Seeings we close in 9 days, I was wondering when that would go in. Sucks for the movers, the drive will be too new for them to park the truck on, so they will be hauling everything from the street. Ouch.

Close up before the driveway, but after the cloumn was painted and the carraige lights are in. Nice.


  1. Your going to have to put out some cold drinks because those movers are going to be hating that! I am glad you mentioned it though and it is something to think about when scheduling the movers.

  2. How long do you have to wait to park on the driveway?

    1. wecan park cars after a few days, but they recommend waiting quite awhile before any type of large vehicle like a moving truck can park on it. the extra weight can cause the driveway to sink. There wasn't a specific time frmae.

  3. It looks great! I'm so excited for you!